Academic Integrity

You should be better equipped to avoid the most common forms of plagiarism, understand the foundation of academic research and be able to appreciate the structures that make scholarly activity possible.
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Academic integrity, academic honesty, plagiarism-avoidance – all of these terms describe a set of implicit practices of academic scholars. This course is intended to help you learn – and make sense of – the basics of these practices; it will also demonstrate why these practices exist in the first place.

Whether you are an aspiring academic, student, teacher, researcher – or simply a person who happens to be in close proximity to a research environment – it is very useful to understand what drives a scientist, be they engineers, sociologists, mathematicians, physicists, managers, or any other discipline that engages in scholarly work. This course represents a first step towards understanding the values, considerations and pragmatic concerns of researchers doing research. The knowledge gained in this course can help you both conduct and evaluate research and provides you with the bare minimum that is necessary to avoid some of the more common pitfalls such as plagiarism, bad paraphrase and poor referencing practices.

 The course is separated into four interrelated components. In the first half of the course, you’ll learn about plagiarism-avoidance and the principles of academic honesty, as well as the means whereby you can distinguish plagiarism from good scholarly work. The second half is more practice-oriented, where you’ll be able to appreciate the rules of academic integrity in the context of scholarly practice and engage in preliminary research yourself. In the last fourth of the course we’ll discuss some practical tips on how to improve your ability to write and research at the university-level.

The course contains both video-lectures and texts which you can read at your own pace.

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Nils Klowait, Lecturer at the Philosophy and Sociology Department of RANEPA, Senior Research Fellow at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences

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This course is for all students interested in academic integrity.

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