Technologies of water treatment (Bioengineering-2)

The program is aimed at acquaintance with the indicators of wastewater and its ways of biological treatment.

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Great to see you at our course “Advanced technologies of biological water treatment (Bioengineering part 2)”!

I’m sure the course will be helpful to you!

You will have achieved a clearer awareness of basics of biological water treatment. If you are a student of analytical chemistry, environmental engineering, you will gain better tools for catching the overarching sense of processes.

The main difference and advantage of this course is that it covers an almost complete range of knowledge on biological water treatment: from basic information about characteristics of wastewater, to more in-depth information on advanced biological treatment of wastewater.

 About the author:

Kurbatova Anna I. 

PhD in Environmental Sciences. Associate professor of Environmental Monitoring and Forecasting Department, RUDN University.

  • Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Ecological  Faculty. Postgraduate education: Ecological and  Biological speciality (Moscow, 2002 -2006);
  • Peoples’ Friendship Universityof Russia, Faculty  of Physics,  Mathematics and Natural sciences. Diploma of Higher Education with honors, Master of Science in Chemistry (Moscow, 2000 - 2002);
  • Peoples’ Friendship Universityof Russia, Faculty  of Physics,  Mathematics and Natural sciences. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, degree with honors (Moscow, 1996 - 2000).

Dr. Hani Abu Qdais
 Professor of Water & Environmental Engineering
Civil Engineering Department.

Jordan University of Science & Technology

Who is this course for

Who is this course for? Due to the conceptual approach, to follow this course you need a prior knowledge of chemistry or biology, or a degree in General environmental engineering.

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