Intro to Programming in Python

Interactive course textbook for CSE 8A at UC San Diego

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Welcome to interactive textbook on Intro to Programming in Python! We will be using this textbook as the main textbook for the course CSE 8A at UC San Diego during Fall 2020. The readings, quizzes, and coding challenges will contribute to the "Review Quizzes" part of the course. Typically, each chapter for a week will be released on Mondays around 7am (or before that) and they will be due the next Sunday before 11:59pm.


Credits: This textbook is a fork from the textbook "Intro to Programming in Python then Java using Media Computation" written by Joe Politz, Alex Macedo, Sophia Krause-Levy, and Laura Xu. We are very grateful to the original authors for giving us permissions to fork and reuse this course. Thanks Joe and team! :)

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