Environmental psychology and globalization processes

The course "Environmental psychology and globalization processes: factors, outcomes, solutions" provides an in-depth overview of the various factors that affect the way certain groups of people live, think and feel, how they communicate with each other and with outsiders, what values they see as important, how they…
The course lasts for 6 weeks.

About this course

Environmental psychology and globalization processes: factors, outcomes, solutions

  • The main purpose of this course is to introduce the students to the concepts of environmental psychology and to provide comprehensive overview of various factors affecting human communities and individuals behavior and development.

  • Taking this course help you to navigate globalized world easier in terms of social interactions: quickly analyze other people's behavior based on their background (to a certain extent), understand, how different people interact considering their cultural differences, and predict different outcomes for various social processes. Basically, you will be much more critical in analyzing social interactions of the modern world.

The course lasts for 6 weeks and contains 6 chapters with the following educational content:

  1. Nature and nurture and their effects on personality and social groups.

  2. Environmental factors affecting personality and societal development.

  3. Socio-economic structures and their effects on personality and society.

  4. Changing environments: common problems of different social groups.

  5. A brief walk down the memory lane: the history of globalization and its present state.

  6. Modern issues of rapid social environment changes and possible solutions to these issues.

About the author, Alexandra Vorobyeva:

Hello! I'm an associate professor of the Institute of Foreign Languages of RUDN University. I hold a PhD in Personality Psychology.

I also work as the Head of Quality Assurance Department of RUDN University.

I enjoy teaching and scientific research in the field of psychology, education and management. In my personal life I like reading, sports, and travel (which seems to be the current social norm anyway).

Who is this course for

This course is for any person who is interested in the world around them in terms of social interaction, community formation, global social processes with a dash of economics, ecology, and history.

No prerequisite knowledge is required before taking this course but some prior understanding of psychology, economics, history, and humanities and social sciences might be beneficial.

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