Introduction to Statistics

The course is very capacious, includes all the main topics. Wish to make the passage in Russian. thank
Maria Naumenko November 25, 2018 link
Not every task is clear and sometimes there is not enough information provided
MOHD IZUAN BIN IBRAHIM November 10, 2018 link
Good for the fundamental of statistics
Carmela Visalli October 13, 2018 link
Extremely interesting, clear and well structured course. Excellent introduction to statistics. In my opinion it also provides something more! But the correlation and regression lessons are really unclear. Would it be possible to improve them? I look forward to such a well organized course on applied biostatistics and biomedical research with great pleasure and interest.
Gabiriele Bulivou October 8, 2018 link
Love this course. Learnt so much regarding basic Statistics principles and how to use some of them. Recommend this course to anyone wanting to branch into statistics.
Evalyn A. Evardome October 7, 2018 link
I love statistics even to the point of frustration in knowing technical terms and understanding it and how to apply it practically.
good topic
Alisher Mombayev August 28, 2018 link
I like it very much! A very structured, precise and informative course. I liked practical questions (you can use Excel, IMHO).
Ajose Ojajuni July 5, 2018 link
Well presented coursed handled by someone who has a firm grip of fundamental statistical concepts and application. The time spent on the course is worth the while. A little problem though, some typos need to be put right.
A good course, but its translation into English is clearly incomplete (especially it can be seen from point 4.3) - there are enough typos, incorrect translations, questions on non-covered topics, etc.
Narasimhan M.G. March 17, 2018 link
Excellent course. Lessons are well thought out. Yet, for people unfamiliar with statistical concepts, some lessons are hard to grasp in the first reading. A few rounds through the lessons should help overcome the humps!
Dmitry Bachin October 31, 2017 link
Leave a response in Russian, so as not to scare away foreigners. The course is very cool at the beginning, but the closer to the end, the more mistakes and shortcomings. It was easy for me, because I took this course to repeat and master the English terminology. It's a shame that with such a wonderful Russian-language version, it's so raw and unfinished English-speaking. In doing so, I put 5 stars, because I know that if the authors find time to check and correct mistakes, then this will be a wonderful course of the fundamentals of statistics in English.
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