Introduction to Statistics

The course provides an introduction to statistics and data analysis. During the four week we will discus the most important methods and concepts of statistics.

2 hours per week
Certificate Stepik

About this course

This course is designed to explain the fundamental of statistics. The course contains four weeks or four modules. The first module is devoted to the main concepts of statistics and data analysis. First of all we will introduce the concepts of sample,  general population, descriptive statistics and normal distribution. At the end of the first module we will discuss the idea of statistical inference, one of the most important topics of our course. If you have just started to study statistics look more closely at the first week. All the lessons of the first module are extremely important to enable you to understand the rest of the course and more complicated concepts and methods of statistics. Each module contains lessons with short theoretical video lectures mixed with practical problems.

Who is this course for

High school graduates, first year students at universities.

The course does not require any prior study of statistics.

Meet the Instructors

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Anatoliy Karpov
Saint Petersburg State University, Bioinformatics Institute, VK
I graduated from St. Petersburg State University. As a cognitive psychologist I studied processes of human learning. My interest in the application of computational methods in psychology led me to the field of statistics, programming and machine learning. Now I am a data scientist in VK the biggest social network in Russia. I am also a lecturer on biostatistics and R programming in the Bioinformatics Institute.
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Polina Drozdova
Graduated from St. Petersburg State University (PhD in genetics) and Bioinformatics Institute. Образование: СПбГУ (к.б.н., специальность генетика), Институт биоинформатики.

Current affiliations: Institute of Biology at Irkutsk State University; St. Petersburg State Univeristy (PhD student). Programs in R and Python.

Сотрудник НИИ Биологии «ИГУ», аспирант СПбГУ. Языки программирования: R, Python.

Course content

Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
Categorical Data Analysis
T- test and Analysis of Variance
Correlation and Linear Regression



Learners' reviews

Excellent course
Thx a lot for a nice course! It was a very interesting one.
Excellent course if you want to brush up on statistics

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