Information technologies in the hospitality industry

We live in a world where everything is changing very quickly, and especially the digital sphere, in which we already spend about 80% of our time. And the hospitality industry is no exception. The emergence of competitors in the market and the constant growth of the information space prompts to look for new solutions…
Academic hours: 36, video duration: 5:05 hours.
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About this course

Educational program: Service (43.03.01) Tourism (43.03.02) Hotel business (43.03.03)

Purpose of the course: to form students' holistic understanding of the specifics of the use of modern information and communication technologies in the hospitality industry.

Learning outcomes:


  • theoretical foundations of information technology;
  • the possibilities and principles of using modern computer technology in global networks and office technologies;
  • work principles of automated control systems in the hospitality industry.


  • apply theoretical work knowledge in solving practical problems in professional activities, taking into account the capabilities of the software.

Advantages of the course: a convenient and simple form of information perception will allow you to master complex concepts and terms, applying the knowledge gained in practice in the hospitality industry. The authors of the course are directly practitioners in this area, with extensive experience.

About the authors:

Rimma Rafailievna Akhmedova, Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Hotel Business and Tourism (IGBiT)

Arevik Araratovna Chakhmakhchyan, Senior Lecturer, IGBiT

Whom this course is for

RUDN University students, students in the following areas: "Service", "Hospitality", "Tourism".

Initial requirements

Preparation level: bachelor's degree

Potential course difficulties: Difficulty in mastering technical terminology for students in humanities.

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