Java. Introduction


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Artem Zinoviev August 4, 2018 link
Rated:  5
This was a fun.
Arthur Shiriev July 13, 2018 link
Rated:  4
It is pretty useful for beginners in Java with background in other languages but for total beginners this course maybe frustrating, I think.
Bahodir Daminov July 13, 2018 link
Rated:  5
Очень интересной курс. Задачи тоже отличные. Very interesting course. thank you
4.4 All reviews

This is an introductory course to Java. Join the course to get the basic information about the language, to learn about variables and types, and write your very first Java program. The course includes theory lessons, quizzes, and programming practice assignments to progress you through the material.

Expected time to complete:
4 hours
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