Easy Way to Technical Writing

DPRK_UiSong Ra December 1, 2018 link
I wish more problems.
Dini Manxeba September 26, 2018 link
I enjoyed the course
Thank you, for useful course! Good structure of the course and interesting exercises.
Chic course. Especially I liked questions with a limited number of attempts. Puzzles, too, on this site have not yet met, and in general the level and quality of the questions was pleasantly impressed.
Mikhail Pavlov May 22, 2018 link
Very useful course with a lot of interesting stuff.
I can't say that the course is amazing. Sometimes it was a bit boring for me. In the end of the course I tried to complete the tasks as fast as possible. Nevertheless, thanks to Polina for her affords. It was a good revision for me.
Nailya Kamalova September 26, 2017 link
Hello! Thank you very much for this course! It was very useful and so much helpful! Also the benefit of this course is systematization of knowledge you've already have ))
The course is a perfect example of how you should not learn nor teach, since after every single lecture or module it is absolutely essential to check everything you heard in literature or dictionaries. Lectures, slides and even tasks contain a huge amount of mistakes and prononciation flaws. Feedback does not exist at all or you simply get banned after pointing out an obvious mistake in some task. All in all, of course you can use the course for your benefit and here's how: read all the articles provided, double-check them and google up all the questions. That's basically it. Since nobody is going to answer them here or correct the ridiculous tasks like jigsaw-puzzle solwing or finding wrong stressing in the lecturer's speech (oh I wish there would be just one).
Dear Polina and Stepik team, thank you the course! It was great!
I'd prefer more focus on technical writing and manuals of style, since the course is claimed to be a course on Technical Writing, not on basic grammar rules that can be easily found elsewhere on the web. However, there are only a few MOOCs on this subject and that one is definitely worth studying. Thank you, Polina. It was fun.
Great stuff! For those who know little - the course is an excellent opportunity not to waste time learning all the rules, for those who know well - this course is an excellent opportunity to remember important moments, and somewhere to draw something new.
The course requires a considerable revision.
Mukharbek Organokov January 1, 2017 link
I would like to thank you for such amazing, wonderful, and useful training course. And also, I express my appreciation to you for providing us with such wonderful materials. The course is really inspiring. I hope, that the course will be improved in the future and it will make future learners happy as well. Best wishes for you.
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