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The course is aimed at simplifying your approach to technical writing in English as well as explaining some grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation typical of this genre. It summarizes the main points of successful and up-to-date technical writing and reading process. Feel free to enroll and enjoy these clear,…
3 - 5 hours a week
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About this course

The course is fully conducted in English so you are going to improve your Listening, Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar and Writing Skills.

It includes theoretical information about Technical Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary and Punctuation (from various reliable grammar sources and the best manuals of style) combined with a variety of tasks from actual APIs and tutorials (Python, Jquery, Dropbox API, Gambit etc.)  to practice your new skills.

The course starts with a test to check your command of English.

Then the first part gives you a general overview of the concept of tech writing and its simplification as well as vocabulary used in this particular kind of texts. Next you will dive into two extensive modules on Grammar used in modern technical writing. In the last module you are going to  have some input  and practice on punctuation as well as Simplified Technical English rules followed by an End-of-course Test.

Additionally, every module includes a Review section which helps you to 'rotate' new concepts to boost your long-term memory.

It is for those who would like to learn how to write easy and comprehensible specifications to their code, software, etc. according to international standards as well as for those who are only interested in reading.

It gives practical and useful knowledge only; there is no information on this course which you would never use in real life work-related situations.

So if you need technical writing for studies, work, and/or your own current or future projects, the course is for you.

Whom this course is for

- students of technical universities - software developers, quality assurance engineers etc.

Initial requirements

To simplify your technical English,  you have to at the very least  know the basics, meaning that the minimum requirement for this course is Pre-intermediate — Intermediate Level which is B1-B2 in Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. 

Also, you have to be able to spend  3-6 hours a week watching and reading lectures and doing practice tasks.

You need to be interested in technical writing for your work or/and studies. So it is good if you have already encountered with some technical  English  texts. It is even better if you have already tried writing something whether it was for an open source, for your own project or for your job/studies. 

If you are merely a reader of APIs, tutorials and manuals, still this course is useful for you. You will improve your reading skills as well since they are closely connected with Grammar, Writing, Punctuation and Vocab explained on the course.

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