Key. Elementary Russian

This course is designed for English speaking learners who have no background in the Russian language and wish to acquire basic reading, grammar, and some speech skills, familiarize themselves with some aspects of the Russian culture.

About this course

Like toddlers who are anxious to take their first independent steps in life, language novices are keen to utter strange words, collocations, and sentences. This course will teach you to "decode" the Russian script and will help you to familiarize yourself with the essentials of the Russian language and open the door to the Russian world.  As the French philosopher, Voltaire said: "To know many languages means to have many keys to one lock". So here's the Key. Take it!

Who is this course for

Anyone who is curious in the pursuit of decoding and discovering the language as a key to understanding Russian mentality, their cultural identity, and lifestyle.

No prerequisites, just curiosity to plunge into the challenges and pleasures of the new language and culture.

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