IELTS Academic 4-Skills Course (Practice-based)

IELTS Academic 4-Skills Course is a comprehensive course that provides step-by-step preparation for the IELTS Academic Exam. The course focuses on training the necessary sub-skills that are tested across different sections of IELTS Academic. The content is organized in a logical sequence that simplifies the…
4-6 hours/week, 4-6 weeks.
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About this course

Welcome to IELTS Academic 4-Skills Course!

IELTS Academic 4-Skills Course is a comprehensive course that provides you with a step-by-step introduction and acquisition of skills required to successfully perform in each of 4 sub-tests of IELTS Academic Exam.

Please watch the preview video and answer the questions to better plan your IELTS Academic preparation and to set goals for these course.

Course Approach:

The course is structured in a way that trains the necessary sub-skills that are tested within each of the question types. The content is organized in a logical sequence from the foundational skills to more complex ones. This approach simplifies your understanding and application of the learning material toward IELTS-specific question types.

Course Structure:

The course consists of 12 sections. Each of the section focuses on training IELTS-specific skill and question types. Also, in every section you are offered a pre-test to assess your level of skill required,  a series of video lessons and exercises aimed at introducing effective strategies. At the end of each section you are offered IELTS-specific practice tasks.

The course follows this structure and opens sections in accordance with the following deadlines:

Available now:

  • Section 1: IELTS 4-Skills Course Intro
  • Section 2: IELTS Academic Reading Basics - Part 1
  • Section 3: IELTS Listening Part 1 & Spelling Basics
  • Section 4: IELTS Speaking Part 1 & 2 Basics
  • Section 5: Writing Task 1 Basics (Describing Tables)
  • Section 6: IELTS Academic Reading Basics - Part 2
  • Section 7: Listening Part 2 - Monologues in a Social Setting
  • Section 8: Arguments across IELTS 
  • Section 9: Process discourse across IELTS
  • Section 10: IELTS Academic Full Practice Test 1
  • Section 11: IELTS Academic Full Practice Test 2

Available soon:

  • Compare & Contrast Discourse in IELTS Academic

The course is fully self-paced. You are welcome to ask questions in the Comments section and share your responses in Comments. Our team closely follows the comments and responds to your questions in timely manner. 

This course has been created and is constantly updated with the support of Global Ambassador Language School team.

Who is this course for

Non-native English language speakers aiming to get 7.0 and above on IELTS Academic test for international admissions. Your minimum English level for the course is B1+ (intermediate).

Minimum English level B1+ (intermediate)

Course content

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