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//The course will help you familiarize yourself with blockchain solutions and Ontology functionality and explains what business ideas you can back up with Ontology. //Get from theory closer to the practice stage, understand important spots to consider while building your blockchain project, and learn how Ontology…
5 hours in total for each session

About this course

Why this course?

Application development is a for-profit economic activity. Ontology’s solutions for businesses enable you to easily develop blockchain applications and transform traditional Internet applications into blockchain ones.  
This course will explain the logic of blockchain and the design of business applications, elaborate on new business opportunities that the transformation will bring, and how to capture these opportunities with Ontology Business Solutions 
It will also enable participants to know and understand firsthand how blockchain technology can help transform and upgrade traditional industries rapidly. 

What you can learn from the course

1. Gain a good understanding of how to transform traditional industries with blockchain technology;

2. An opportunity to join and collaborate with the Ontology team where you will learn about how to use blockchain technology from industry leaders and technical experts to develop your dream applications with a team of like-minded top talents and enthusiasts;

3. A chance to apply for Ontology Grants to get funds and investors' support for your project on Ontology. 

What is the course about? 

1. Final Web 

In this course, you will learn how blockchain shall change business, and even to the nature of business itself. You will also get to know how to identify some strategic approaches to manage and monetize data with blockchain technologies, the layers comprising the blockchain technology stack and apply scaling solutions. Learn how to identify business opportunities and create dApps using blockchain. 

2.  Blockchain of Business 

In this practice-oriented course, you will learn how to identify, construct and launch your business ideas utilizing blockchain technology.  Learn about blockchain solution and its applications, identify possibilities that shape them into benign business ideas. Work out the details of your blockchain project: choose the governance model, set network hypothesis, and shape a robust token economy. Finally, learn how to choose suitable blockchain to successfully launch from.   

3. Ontology Overview

In this course, you will learn essentials of Ontology blockchain platform including its economic model and governance structure, learn about its latest technologies, get familiar with Ontology infrastructure components and understand its trust framework. 

4-5. Migrate to Ontology: Multi-VM for Smart Contracts:

Part 4 introduce smart contracts using NeoVM with Python, Part 5 introduce smart contracts using WASM with Rust
This course is specifically designed for engineers who are familiar with smart contract development on other blockchain platforms like EOS and Ethereum. They can learn how to develop easily on Ontology by using Virtual Machines.  

6. Starting with developing on Blockchain: ONT ID + DDXF

This course is designed to provide an easy access to a decentralized environment for developers. It will go through all necessary preparation guides, learn how to use Ontology SDKs so you can develop smart contracts and dApps on traditional languages like C++, Rust, and Python. You will learn the basics and be able to create in-course dApps.  

7. Ontology Extensions

This course will equip you with the knowledge of how to use Sharding and cross-chain technology to speed up the transaction in real businesses.  

Who is this course for

Entrepreneur and web engineers, consultants, developers and computer science students familiar with C++, Python, and Rust; and students who want to start from Ontology, learn mechanics, and build dApps.

1. New Web: no tech knowledge required

2. The business of Blockchain:  basic economics and business modeling skills preferred

3. Migrate to Ontology with MultiVM for Smart Contracts: Rust and Python languages

4. Ontology Extensions: familiar with blockchain development tools

5. Starting with developing on Blockchain: ONT ID + DDXF: knowledge of/familiarity with C++, Rust, or Python is required

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