Adaptive Python

Peter Uelkes February 25, 2017 link
Rated:  4
I overall liked this course. However I think the "adaptive" thing isn't really working. For example, after solving more than 400 of the 428 problems I got several "theory" pages as recommendations on as trivial a topic as integers, floats, lists et cetera. That makes no sense whatsoever. Also, there are a number of double problems, i.e. the exact same code could be use as a solution for two different problems.
Rated:  4
A great course to follow if you are starting on python or at programming, or both. The course is filled with nice things to know, but the "adaptive" methodology does not really help it, as you will be skipping around the challenges, probably missing some that would be interesting, or some things you might need to know before attempting other harder challenges. Appart from that, some more information on the "intro" page would be welcome (as it would that it would be always the first suggestion by the "adaptive" system), i.e. how to get input data in the challenges. Also, it would be nice to see the input data when you fail a challenge: it would help to identify pitfalls and improve code. But this can be hacked by raising Exceptions: if *your condition here*: raise Exception(*your input variables here*)
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