British History and Culture

Facts and images coming from the history of Great Britain, but remaining an integral part of its contemporary culture. For the prospective interpreters, teachers of English, and other learners of the language, who are willing to know more about the culture it is intertwined with.
20 academic hours

About this course

The course is focused on the British culture in historical perspective – as it has been  evolving on the territory of the British Isles for many centuries. Targeted at students of English and translation, rather than history, it provides most essential facts, concepts, events, artifacts, people, their relations, trends, lifestyles, art, illustrated with pictures, maps, photos, paintings. The content is based on some publicly available sources (with all the references provided after each lecture), and includes a number of tests to check the key facts and images worth remembering. The information is delivered efficiently for everybody to choose their own pace, pausing the video to study the screens more closely.

Who is this course for

Advanced students of English; Translation and Teaching majors; non-English-speaking students of History, who want to improve their English vocabulary in their chosen field.

Upper-Intermediate or Advanced reading and listening skills.

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