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The dApps programming online course aims to prepare developers for the technologies that will become the backbone of the next-generation Web 3.0 Padawans chat (offtopic and projects/ideas discussions ) Jedi chat (more technical…
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About this course

In the run-up to the mainnet release of RIDE for dApps, the Waves Platform’s ambassador and tech evangelist Aleksei Pupyshev and his Ventuary team, in collaboration with Waves’ DevRel department, are launching an educational course for developers entitled ‘Mastering Web 3.0 with Waves’.

Why launching the course now?

In recent months, the dApps segment has seen substantial growth, and new, scalable solutions are arriving on a regular basis — testifying to the potential for mass adoption of blockchain.

Waves itself is in the process of launching new products for developers to use in building their decentralised applications.

In Summer 2019 alone, we expect several major releases, including the mainnet release of RIDE for dApps, as well as a Mobile Keeper, Gateways and other products.

So, we want more developers to master dApps and other related technologies, and become early players in the Web 3.0 game.

Who can benefit from the course?

The course is aimed at developers and IT professionals interested in acquiring hands-on knowledge of Web 3.0 technologies, such as blockchain, dApps, digital economy, tokenisation and decentralisation.

We primarily invite frontend developers, webmasters, full-stack web developers (Node.js, PHP, Python), Indie/Games and iOS/Android developers to join us. Freelancers and those working for developer studios are also welcome to apply.

What is the course about?

The course is made up of five mandatory weekly classes and one extra class. Each class will include several video lectures, a quiz and an online code-writing challenge.

Soft deadlines of one week will be set for each quiz and challenge. All answers and scores will be written into the blockchain to ensure full transparency.

Each class will be preceded by a Q&A session featuring course organisers and Waves team members.

To make the course as close to the real-world environment as possible, throughout its duration, participants will work on developing a large project, named Coupon Bazaar: an online service for coupons and coupon auctions.

(English only)

Developers chat (ask any technical questions):

Ventuary-DAO chat (ask any questions about your own Web3 project)


Who is this course for

webmasters, full-stack web developers (Node.js, PHP, Python), Indie/Games and iOS/Android developers

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Certificate - "Web3.0 Professional", Certificate - "Web3.0 Expert"

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