The Russian phonetics introductory course

The Russian phonetics introductory course developed in Center for Russian Language & Culture is addressed to people who want to start learning Russian from the very beginning. The Course will introduce participants to sounds of Russian speech and Russian alphabet in simple terms.

About this course

Lesson 1 introduces to viewers 33 letters of Russian alphabet and Russian vowels specifically.

Lessons 2-6 introduce consonants distributed, on the one hand, based on the frequency of usage, and on the other hand, by their genesis, taking into account the common difficulties of non-Russian speakers.

Lesson 7 introduces the special letters - Й, Е, Ё, Ю, Я, Ь - and the concept of soft consonants.

In every lesson viewers are invited to repeat and memorize the writing of letters and the pronunciation of respective sounds and then learn several common words containing these letters and sounds.

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