Multiferroic and ME composite materials

The course is dedicated to classification, characteristics and technology «Smart» magnetoelectric composite materials. The goal of the course is to study the new magnetic materials, investigation their properties.

About this course

The course aims to find out the main characteristics of multiferroic and magnetoelectric (ME) composite (smart) materials, the technology of their production and research methods, the mechanisms of their properties formation, and the physical principles of the creation of such materials; be able to independently make a decision on the choice of magnetostrictive and piezoelectric materials needed to solve a research problem in the field of physics

During the course will be considered the next topics for smart materials:

Composite materials.
Linear and nonlinear ME effects.
Application of ME composites

The goal of the course is to form a system of ideas about the physics of a new type of materials - multiferroics and magnetoelectrics, in which the electrical and magnetic subsystems interact. The course examines both basic concepts formed within the traditional areas of magnetism and physics of ferroelectrics, at the junction of which this area is located, as well as new types of cross-interactions connecting electric polarization and magnetization: linear and nonlinear magnetoelectric effects, inhomogeneous (flexo-magnetoelectric) interaction, coupling between the components of composite materials. Much attention is paid to practical aspects and possible applications of magnetoelectric materials in computer memory devices, spin electronics, magnetic photonics, as well as energy-harvesting systems and energy collection.


Dr. Fetisov L.Y., Associate Professor, nanoelectronics division, and Research and Educational Center “Magnetoelectric materials and devices”, MIREA – Russian Technological University (RTU MIREA)



As a result of studying the discipline, students should:

• Have learned the materials concept of multiferroics

• understand the dynamics multiferroic structures 

• understand the concepts to design and develop new magnetoelectric composites

• know how to tune specific properties of multiferroics for specific application

• be able to describe phenomena related to the correlation of electric and magnetic polarization in multiferroics

• be able to develop new materials showing multifunctional properties based on magnetic activation

• be able to judge which devices for technology could benefit from multiferroics 


As a result of studying the course, the student has the following skills:

• Knowledge about the technology of devices based on multiferroics 

• Knowledge about applications like smart sensors and actuators

• Knowledge of modern applications of nanosystems of these materials

Ability for self-organization and self-education.

Ability for time management and to plan team work.

Ability to use the acquired knowledge for further exploration and development of scientific challenges.

Ability to solve standard tasks of professional activity on the basis of information and bibliographic culture using information and communication technologies and taking into account the basic safety requirements. 

The ability to find, analyze, implement and use in practice experimental and theoretical tools to analyze problems of using and experimenting with materials consisting of multiferroics including the use of modern technologies and awareness of environmental and safety regulation and hazards.


Трудоемкость дисциплины составляет 2 ЗЕТ (72 часа)

Whom this course is for

Functional nanomaterials and advanced technologies, 03.04.02

Initial requirements

The course is designed for 1 year masters. Knowledge of physics and mathematics is required in the amount of Bachelor degree of physical or material science specialties. It is recommended to attend the course “Multiferroic and smart materials – 1/2” first.

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