Russia's Gas Strategy

Tetiana Turek October 2, 2018 link
Despite the fact that course itself is very interesting and educational apparently it is easier to be accepted to Harvard or Oxford than to receive certificate for this course. No wonder that statics of certificates issued is so low: 19 out of 1542 people enrolled. There are 3 reasons for that 1) you cannot get certificate without writing at least 1 essay 2) teacher takes forever to read essays 3) teacher has unreasonably high requirements to essays evaluation. Having received 99 point out of 100 required to get certificate and having waited 7 months in total for 2 reviews of my essays (2 months for the 1-st essay from March till May, and 5 months for the second from May and till 10 hours ago), I still have no certificated. A little of details here: At the time of 1 essay I used mobile version of Stepic app and was not even aware that there existed certain criteria to such essays, as mobile version does not show them. So, it caught me by surprise when the teacher was not happy neither with my personal opinion, no with the structure of my essay as the task only said “Provide with your own argumentation” which I did. Please find her review. "No factual background of argumentation was provided. The essay is extremely brief and fails to answer the question adequately". However, she gave me out of pity apparently 1 point. I would like to remind you that at that time I had 98 points out of 100 required to get certificate. So as the result 99 point out of 100 required. After scoring so poor for the first essay, I used PC version and carefully studied the requirements. The task was: "We thought it is time to give you guys an opportunity to share your ides. So here's a questions without a set of answers to choose from. Please write your 5-7 sentence mini-essay" It said nothing that the essay must be 100% authentic and cannot be based on other external sources but set requirements to the structure only. Please find them below 1. Content: explaining the factual background is important. 2. Structure and logic: please frame your answer in such a way that it has one sentence intro, then explanation, and a one sentence round-up. As apparently teacher was not happy with my personal opinion in the first essay, I decided to read up what experts in the field think. So I have analyzed number of different sources, and really liked one so neatly found after 9 month by the teacher. The ideas of "clingendaelenergy" I really liked so decided to base my essay on their research. I scored 0 point and got such a review: "The submission was plagiarised from the following source: http://www.clingendaelenergy.com/inc/upload/files/Geopolitics_and_natural_gas_KL_final_report.pdf" To summarize: I would like to ask the course author to be more precise with the requirements, more efficient with reviews and more objective, we are not in Oxford but rather on online platform created for people interested in self-education. It is better not to offer certificates at all than to make it impossible to get one.
Thank you. I would not like to hear: "But no, aunt, such a university!"
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