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Bioinformatics Institute, ITMO University, Rosalind,  and Stepik announce the second online programming competition – Bioinformatics Contest 2018!

If you are interested in Bioinformatics, enjoy solving complex problems and have experience in the field of Computer Science, Molecular Biology, Genomics and Machine Learning, do not hesitate to join the contest.

The competition consists of two rounds:

  1. Qualification round will last one week, February 3–11 (11:59 AM UTC+0)
  2. Final round will last 24 hours on February 24  (11:59 AM UTC+0) .  

Both rounds will be held online, submissions will be auto-graded in real time. Contest scoreboard:

To participate you will need to:

  1. Register or log in on Stepik (it is free).
  2. Press the “join this course” button in the upper right corner of this webpage.
  3. Press green "Learn" button the upper right corner of this webpage. 

After that, you will be able to get acquainted with examples of problems and find out more about the rules in the first part of this course. The Contest problems will appear right before the start day. 

Participants will need to solve bioinformatics problems using programming. The goal is to correctly solve as many problems as possible. Some of them will be ones with exact answers and some – with the approximate answers. For problems with exact answers, you need to submit a code in one of the supported programming languages that will be executed on a number of tests. These problems are focused on algorithms and data structures. For problems with approximate answers, the test inputs should be presented as downloadable files. Your task is to find the best possible solution for these tests and upload them to the testing system. Participation in the Contest is individual, winners will be rewarded.

Details and subscription to the news:

Contest 2017:
Results of last year's Contest are also published online. Problem sets are availavle at

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