Bioinformatics Contest 2019

SOLVE CHALLENGING PROBLEMS TO WIN Online programming competition

About this course

In February 2019 Bioinformatics Institute, ITMO University, Rosalind,  and Stepik organized the third online programming competition – Bioinformatics Contest 2019! The Contest was supported by JetBrains, Serokell, and Yandex.  

Qualification results:  

Final standings: 

If you are interested in Bioinformatics, enjoy solving complex problems and have experience in the field of Computer Science, Molecular Biology, Genomics, and Machine Learning, do not hesitate to join.  Participation in the Contest is individual. 

The competition took place in February 2019 and consisted of two rounds:

  1. Qualification Round — one week,  February 2 – 10
  2. Final Round — 24 hours, February 23

Participants need to solve bioinformatics problems using programming. The goal is to solve as many problems as possible.  Some problems are the approximate ones and graded partially. Both rounds are held online, submissions are auto-graded in real time.

The problems will be available even after the contest end, However, you will not get points for solving them. 

To participate you need to:

  1. Register or log in on Stepik (it is free).
  2. Press the “Join this course” button in the upper right corner of this web-page.
  3. Press the green "Learn" button in the upper right corner of this web-page.
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Whom this course is for

Everybody interested in bioinformatics and programming.

Initial requirements

Participants should know how to code in one of the programming languages, especially how to read and write from standard input/output streams and files. The knowledge of algorithms and data structures, machine learning and basics of molecular biology will be helpful.

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