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An introduction to computer programming and a preparation for future coding classes. Course help site: https://help.launchcode.org/

About this course

Course help site: https://help.launchcode.org/

This course is designed to introduce you to computer programming and prepare you to have the basic knowledge you'll need to complete beginner coding classes, either through LaunchCode or on your own. If you are interested in pursuing a career in programming, or if you just want to understand what coding entails, then this will be a great introduction for you. If you are in one of LaunchCode's service areas, then this course will be a necessary preparation for our other coding classes like LC101, CodeCamp, and CoderGirl.

For all of the course's features to work, internet access is required. Be aware that this course's features (especially the coding practices) work best on a desktop or laptop, and may not work on some mobile devices. If instead of using a laptop or desktop computer you are working through this course on your phone or another small device, we recommend that you download the Stepik app from the Google Play store or from the Apple App Store.

Content in this course is under Creative Commons CC BY-SA, except where otherwise noted. All icons and images are property of LaunchCode (all rights reserved) unless otherwise attributed.

Meet the Instructors

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Sarah Richardson
I'm a self-taught software engineer currently working on a DevOps team at Comcast, formerly working for LaunchCode as a Curriculum Developer and Software Engineer.
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Chris Bay
I lead development of education programs at LaunchCode

Course content

Start Now! (You're here anyway...)
  1. What is Computer Programming?
  2. What is Code?
  3. What is Debugging?
Learn Like a Rockstar
Be the Boss of Your Computer
Code Like Nobody's Watching
Keep Calm and Problem Solve
Onward and Upward

Learners' reviews

This was a very good entry course
This course is indeed so imperative to those who want to pursue a career in computer programming. It literally holds your hand and teaches you the basics before the basics, all at your own pace. If you can dedicate the time and complete this course, you will feel confident enough to walk into a real class and have the competence to understand what they are teaching you. I am a complete beginner wanting to pivot my career in a new direction. Thanks to this course I know I can be a successful computer programmer. Don't doubt it, just get started!!
Hi, I enjoy the online course very much and hopefully there would be a chance to attend the off-line course LC101. Thank you for building all the resources for IT beginners!

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