Kotlin Koans


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All's good, but how we must do 2.1 PyCharm additional materials??
arief hidayat December 31, 2018 link
there's minor bug in the test code which can easily be fixed. Overall, it's great introduction to Kotlin.
Nikolaos Grammatikos December 17, 2018 link
Pretty Nice tutorial. The only part that I hate of, is the part that on some point the IDE didn't want to work with the code. I check ed right answer, was the same answer that I give for.
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This tutorial walks you through a series of exercises to get familiar with Kotlin. Kotlin Koans are a series of exercises to get you familiar with the Kotlin Syntax. Official Kotlin website – https://kotlinlang.org

Expected time to complete:
13 hours
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This course is entirely free. All content is available now.