Aeromechanics Project Course:Part 1 MJ2486

A course to understand the basic principles involve in an aeroelastic problem

About this course

The course is composed of lectures, quizzes, and small exercises.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) of the Lectures.

1.1 (Motivation):
Participants will have a brief understanding about the importance of aeroelasticity and its fundamentals.
1.2 (Structural dynamics):
The lecture provides insights of the difference analyses to solve for aeroelastic problems. Students will be able to know when to use each of this analysis depending on what is needed.

1.3 (Forced response analysis and Campbell diagram):
Participants will be able to build their own Campbell diagram and interpret the resonance points where the forced response analysis is needed.

Who is this course for

Master and PhD students

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