Common English Verbs

The course is not bad, but there are a lot of descriptions of words using the word itself.
Yuriy Shtokaylo November 4, 2018 link
Very intresting, but it is to simple.
Not only verbs are aware
Иван Родин August 29, 2018 link
The rate is very good, but the bugs do pass. I just repeat the questions and I found a solution to this problem. Download this course to the mobile version of the application stepik, click on the "plan" button and there will be all the variants of the words that should be in the course, those words that have already been passed will be marked. It remains only to find those words that are not passed
Great course!
That's a good course
On the 298th word, questions began to come up that I already answered. It's impossible to finish the test-I just clicked it again 30 times.
The course is an excellent course! He allowed me to repeat English verbs and memorize new ones.
The problem at the end of the course - on questions 329 (out of 330) issues with the already marked answer are constantly (about 50 in a row, then did not try) and do not give the last score. Please correct
Max Vinogradov March 24, 2018 link
thanks for that! really nice=)
In general, everything is fine. In the course I liked the chosen pictures for words. The words here are really the most usual. It seemed to me that the definitions of words were written based on the author's understanding of the word. The course is more suitable for beginners, but it can also seem interesting for the English speaking children who speak the same language.
Vladislav Karpyuk December 27, 2017 link
As the correct answers, there are many definitions of nouns, adjectives and even one strange abbreviation. If verbs are claimed, then there must be verbs. P.S. But the author quickly corrects errors, so if something is noticed - comment.
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