Introduction to JavaScript and React



Rob November 16, 2017 link
Rated:  5
This course condenses some complicated topics and combines them with some fun practice studios. I think its strongest point compared to other resources I've used is that it actually follows ES6 conventions.
Winnie November 15, 2017 link
Rated:  5
Great course for anyone who wants to learn JavaScript! The course provides several studios and exercises to help solidify your understanding at the end of each lesson. Don't expect the studios to be a cake walk. It's gonna take some time and patience to learn the content and get through the studios. The studios are meant to be tough to challenge you to see if you really understand the lesson WELL. By the end of the class, you will have a solid foundational understanding of JavaScript. Good luck!
Alyssa November 15, 2017 link
Rated:  5
I really enjoyed the practice problems and studios in this course - I was able to walk away with a good understanding of JavaScript and React.
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This course is designed to help students get comfortable with the basics of JavaScript leading to React.

Expected time to complete:
9 hours
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