Python PyPI package publication

Practice oriented guide about creating PyPI package. In each step you will be working with the small python project, turning it into complete installable package.
2 hours a week

About this course

С 26 апреля 2021 года данный курс доступен в демо-режиме на Вы можете бесплатно пройти полную версию курса на платформе разработчиков курса Python PyPI package publication

In this course students will turn a set of python scripts into PyPI package that any developer can install via pip.

Each step contains theory that students should know when creating a package, as well as a practical step in which students are required to work with simple python project.

The examples and tasks are given for python3, but with minor changes can be adapted for python2.

Whom this course is for

The course is designed for python developers who want to get their hands dirty creating PyPI package.

Initial requirements

Students of this course are required to know how to

  1. Program in Python. Knowledge of the basic syntax and how modules work are required. ( [RU] , [EN] )
  2. Work in the Linux terminal. How to work with files and directories, how to edit files. ([RU]
  3. Work with Git and GitHub. How to commit files and work with remotes. ( [EN]

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