Kotlin rules!
Had fun to learn kotlin basics
Denis Borisenko January 16, 2019 link
Thanks for the course. I would like to add on new features of the language.
A quite good set of problems focusing on the main advantages of Kotlin. Mostly suitable for switching to Kotlin from other programming languages.
At first it was difficult, I had to google, but how nice it is when after a while you start thinking something over! Kotlin resembles improved Java.
Ivan Stankov November 15, 2018 link
This is a good course. Could be improved: - tasks descriptions. Sometimes it is not clear what needs to be done. - test cases. Sometimes not working code passes the check
It's a good course for beginner
Alvaro Garcia September 28, 2018 link
Thank you for providing this course :) Really good examples to apply for academic purposes. Funny, straight to the point and easy to follow for those with only Java experience.
Too simple. Need more hardcore.
An interesting course and quite complicated
Quite a weak chaotic course. Tasks constantly jump in complexity. Some important topics are almost not covered (for example, Generics). And the order of priority causes questions. In the beginning there is an acquaintance with complex structures like lambd and extension functions, and only then primitives like the for! After the passage, there was a mess in my head.
Maybe it's time for an adaptive course on Kotlin? ;)
An excellent course in order to get acquainted with the basics of the language, get used to the off-documentation and decide for yourself whether it's worth working with Kotlin on)
It's great overview of kotlin language features. Some steps have a poor description but it's interesting course overall, especially who likes functional programming
A good, good introductory course! :) And the main chips Kotlin master, and in some places a good warm-up for the brain.
Matteo April 15, 2018 link
Most of us are not using the web editor to actually write the code, we just copy and paste from/to our favorite IDE. Some quizzes have dependencies not provided, e.g. the MyDate class. You should provide it, either directly in the quiz or with a link. With the dependencies we can then use our IDE to test the answers first. Otherwise we'd have to mock everything and "guess". An alternative would be to provide a jitpack link to such dependencies so that we can include them with Gradle. Sometimes I felt more like guessing rather than learning Kotlin, this is why I gave only 4 stars and not 5, so if you'd improve it providing always all the necessary dependencies, then it'd been a 5. Excellent exercise for learners.
Iurii Chudnov March 10, 2018 link
This course is a kind of task book for Kotlin. Allows you to test your knowledge and understand whether you like Kotlin or not.
The assignments are good and not too abstract. But the statement of problems is very lame. It's not always clear what they want from you.
Very few exercises that reveal the features of the language. It would be nice to add good and bad practices.
Kotlin is powerful convenient language. This course is very brief introduction, and rather is questionary than introductory course.
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