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Recently, I have carried out a survey which shows that you, guys, are really interested in pronunciation. Consequently, I decided to explore the topic. So let's have a look at the most common mistakes and errors which I have collected from my students of Elementary through Advanced levels. They are typical of the…
1 - 2 hours max in total

About this course

Everybody makes pronunciation mistakes at any level, Elementary, Intermediate or Advanced, anyway, you've got some fossilized errors in this area. They just cling to you and then you are just stuck with them for a really long time. This is more of a practice medium than a real course. Its structure is easy to grasp for any level as well. Enjoy and hope, it'll be useful!

Whom this course is for

Everyone who wants to improve their pronunciation in English, to sound more natural and for other people to understand them better.

Initial requirements

Any level: from Elementary to Advanced.

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