Adaptive Java

Adaptive problem set to learn Java. Join the course and you can try out the first prototype of the adaptive engine!
Adaptive course
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About this course

The course consists of few hundreds of programming assignments for Java, ranging from basics up to complex topics.

The course is adaptive what means that you can not follow a linear pre-set structure of the course, the adaptive engine generates a unique path for each student.

In the course you'll have extra buttons on the top of the page like this:


The first button becomes active only after you successfully solve the problem. If the problem seems too difficult or too easy, you can click on one of the buttons on the right, the engine will take into account the knowledge level for future content recommendations.

Initially, the adaptive system may behave somewhat randomly for you, but the more problems you solve, the smarter it becomes!

Note, that you also can solve many problems in a new adaptive system created by Stepik.

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