Introduction to Python

Randall November 13, 2018 link
Overall, I thought it was an excellent little beginner's course. I think the way it ties into PyCharm EDU, which makes all the difference; otherwise, I don't think it would be as effective. It also doesn't offer a whole lot of extra context about what you're doing; just in case you want to learn more about the background behind what you're doing, I recommend Googling. It's more of a master by example type thing. So if that's your thing, then this might be an excellent course to get your feet wet with Python. Side note: The user forum is a nice touch, although there's not a lot there. However usually there enough though to give you some ideas so you can keep going.
It's great for introduction, almost. Once, The task with Fibonachi stucks my computer.
User 57271177 October 29, 2018 link
Decent descriptive and helpful course to reinforce basic python learning. Thank you for taking the time to create this!
I want more
Nicat Chalabi October 8, 2018 link
Can you help me? I don't understand *** f = open("input.txt", "r") # here we open file "input.txt". Second argument used to identify that we want to read file # Note: if you want to write to the file use "w" as second argument for line in f.readlines(): # read lines print each line f.close() # It's important to close the file to free up any system resources. f1 = open("input1.txt", "r") print only first line of f1 do not forget to close file ***
Adam Schadler September 10, 2018 link
This course is a really good introductory to the absolute basics of python. I would highly encourage anyone who has a bit of free time to check it out. I love the decision to present the coursework in an IDE, as it really displays a good hint of interactivity. However, the approach was somewhat flawed, as there was no real exercise given to test any of the knowledge I had acquired. If you could append material to the end of each section, either a quiz or a basic exercise, it could give students something to test their knowledge and also greatly increase retention.
A good course for beginners, which will give you the initial knowledge and ability to perform the simplest tasks in the PyCharm environment.
surface course, for those who have already studied in Python, and now wants to write programs using PyCharm. It gives an opportunity to get acquainted with some of the features of this editor and get an idea of ​​the main features of Python.
Mellow Aristaean July 30, 2018 link
The Return value task seems to have a bug: "Solution can't be loaded. Reset task to solve it again". I've tried a few things and always get the same error when trying to Check Task.
Viktar Akulenka July 12, 2018 link
it's good to understand basic posibilities. By this moment I passed 80% (approximately 2 hours). But first task in "Data structers" is problem. could you help?)
A good overview of the syntax, simple and short - the entire course can be completed in half a day. If something does not work, you can compare your decision with the correct one. The most difficult thing in this course was to understand how to run it. For those who have not figured out yet: first you need to install PyCharm, then in PyCharm, install the EduTools plug-in. After installing the plugin, restart PyCharm - and you can open links from the lessons. But it's more convenient to go to lessons directly in PyCharm. For progress to be counted not only in PyCharm, but here, in the Steppe, you need to log in to PyCharm. To do this, you need to find the Stepik icon in the lower right corner of PyCharm and click on it. When you know what to do, everything is pretty simple, but in the course description for some reason nothing is said about what and how to run.
Evgenia Maximova June 13, 2018 link
Excellent course for beginners
Alexey Nikitin June 4, 2018 link
At first, it was not at all clear what to do, where the materials, where the tasks. It turned out that you need to put PyCharm and open the link from the job in it. The tasks themselves are primitive. In general, do not waste time on it.
Very good course. Good for python beginners.
weihao yu April 15, 2018 link
Great course, but it can be more challanging.
This is a woderful course, thanks JetBrains!
This is very good course, but why tasks don't check? I write runnable code, but IDLE can't right check it
Anonymous 44087641 March 12, 2018 link
This course is normal
I agree that the course is aimed at consolidating existing knowledge. To learn from it Python from scratch will be difficult. I liked the course and the idea myself. They helped to refresh and consolidate the acquired knowledge. It is very convenient that the training takes place in the same shell - there is no need to constantly switch between the browser and the PyCharm development environment.
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