ECMAScript: arrays and objects as data containers

Considers concepts of array and concept of object in JavaScript and general information about them. Contains 29 practical lessons
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There are two big groups of data types in JavaScript: primitives and objects.

Primitives are single data with only one value.
Object is a container for several values and functions.
Arrays are also containers and in JavaScript arrays are objects too. They behave as objects but have their own specifics.

So considering objects there may be selected such cases of syntax with their own specifics:

  1. Arrays 
  2. Objects 
  3. "Associative arrays" (in ECMAScript it is a fictitious structure but it exists as a kind of object syntax)

They should be considered separately to know in details, so the course contains separate lessons for each of them. 
They also may be considered together to summarize and to understand better both concepts (concept of array and concept of objects). So the course contains such lesson.

The course contains 2 modules:

  1.  Theory "ECMAScript. Arrays and objects as data containers" - 4 lessons of theory
  2. Practice  "ECMAScript. Arrays and objects as data containers" - 29 practical lessons

To study this course it is enough to know the basic operators, variables, primitive data processing and functions.

Although Although the object model is closely related to DOM and, therefore, the processing of HTML-content, this course does not require knowledge of DOM. On the contrary, it prepares the student for its studying

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To study this course it is enough to know:

  1. concepts of variables and literals in ECMAScript 
  2.  basic operators of ECMAScript (assignments, conditionals, loops)
  3. functions, arguments, returned values. Assignment function to a variable.

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