ThCS. Introduction to programming with dependent types in Scala

June 15, 2017 link
Rated:  5
Thank you so much for the course! IMHO it would be great if in some assignments student were forced to write a solution in more modular way. For example write induction base and induction steps separately and then combine it. It would help to demystify Proving Ground API signatures.
April 24, 2017 link
Rated:  5
thanks for all the support and this awesome class What did I like? I like the overall course, and most importantly support from @Dmytro_Mitin What didn't I like? the grader, it could be more intelligent Did I find anything new for you? yep, I took this course because this is relatively new for me. programming using type constraints. Was it useful for me? theoretically yes, practically haven't find any area where I can adopt my learning. Whom could you recommend the course? I will recommend to friend who is interested in type level programming.
April 7, 2017 link
Rated:  5
I'm here from reddit. Great course! Thank you.
Not enough reviews.
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