Applied Computer Science. Git

The course describes most frequently used git commands from real-world workflows.

1 hour
Certificate Stepik

About this course

Git version control system is a de-facto standard now and each software developer should understand its basics. The course aims to cover most used commands and describe common use cases of it.  

This course can be also passed using non-adaptive (traditional manner) using this LINK.

We recommend you use following lesson as a sandbox for this course.

Following materials are recommended as additional guides for course participants:

  1. Git manual https://git-scm.com/docs
  2. Pro Git book, written by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2
  3. Git cheatsheets http://ndpsoftware.com/git-cheatsheet.html and https://services.github.com/on-demand/downloads/github-git-cheat-sheet.pdf

Who is this course for

Beginners and people who want to build solid understanding of git.

Basic skills of Linux command line (how to run command in terminal), simple file manipulation commands (ls, cp, mv, rm, echo, touch).

Meet the Instructors

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Mark Zaslavskiy
Researcher at Mobile Robot Algorithms Laboratory, teacher at SPBETU, member of OSLL
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Artyom Filatov
Studied in St.-Petersburg at Electrotechnical University (ETU) Have got a master degree for "applied mathematics"
I am studying at ETU to get PhD for "applied mathematics", prepairing undergraduate stidents in "mathematical analysis" and "system modeling"
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Anton Filatov
Studying in Saint Petersburg Electro-technical university in postgraduate school. Have a master's degree of applied math
Преподаю математику и программирование
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Tatyana Berlenko
St.-Petersburg at Electrotechnical University (ETU)
Researcher at Mobile Robot Algorithms Laboratory, teacher at St.-Petersburg at Electrotechnical University, member of OSLL
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Кирилл Кринкин
СПбГЭТУ "ЛЭТИ", Computer Science Center
Кандидат технических наук. Заведующий кафедрой математического обеспечения и применения ЭВМ Санкт-Петербургского электротехнического университета "ЛЭТИ". Основатель студенческой лаборатории открытого программного обеспечения и мобильных платформ OSLL

Course content

Using existing repositories
View the current state of the local repository
Committing Changes
Making branches
Switch between marks
git pull and git push
git diff



Learners' reviews

Good coorse. Thanks for the certificate ;)
This course is simple and neatly explained for beginners. Proper links have also been provided in this course for further learning.
An example of a course for advanced users: it has many cases to solve and minimal required time to pass it through.

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