Blockchain Basics with TON

This course introduces blockchain basics, with a special focus on practical skills in the TON ecosystem. You will understand how blockchain functions and its diverse applications. You will also acquire crucial TON-related skills, including wallet setup, NFT trading, Jetton creation, and transactions with TON coins on…
Начальный уровень

Чему вы научитесь

  • Explain the origin and nature of blockchain technology
  • Explain how transactions occur on the blockchain
  • Describe the features and differences between digital assets and cryptocurrencies
  • Explain the principles and factors affecting tokenomics
  • Identify passive income opportunities in the blockchain world
  • Identify applications of blockchain
  • Set up and use a TON wallet
  • Use TON NFT marketplaces
  • Describe how Jettons are created in TON
  • Perform simple transactions with TON on DEX
  • Identify major threats in the blockchain world
  • Assess the risks associated with tokens
  • Use the methods learnt to protect crypto assets

О курсе

This course introduces participants to the basics of the blockchain technology, with a particular focus on developing practical skills within the TON ecosystem.

Participants will gain a deep understanding of blockchain's structure, how it works, and its wide range of applications in various industries.

Furthermore, the course will cover the key practical skills required to operate effectively in the TON ecosystem, including setting up a TON wallet, using NFT platforms, creating TON Jettons (tokens) and performing transactions on decentralized exchanges (DEX) such as swaps, staking, providing liquidity, and farming. Participants will receive step-by-step instructions on how to use TON tools, so the course is suitable for anyone interested in getting started in the ecosystem. 

In addition, the course covers methods for recognizing security threats in blockchain, including various cryptocurrency scams, and provides simple tips on how to keep yourself and your crypto assets safe.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to confidently navigate the blockchain world, utilize the tools of the TON ecosystem and be ready to further explore its possibilities.

Для кого этот курс

This course caters to beginners eager to explore blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the TON ecosystem. It offers essential knowledge and skills, starting from the basics, perfect for those new to the field. Whether you're curious about blockchain technology or keen to dive into the TON ecosystem, this course provides an ideal entry point, no prior experience required.

Начальные требования

No specialized technical knowledge or prior blockchain experience is needed, making this course ideal for beginners. A keen interest in blockchain and the TON ecosystem is enough. Familiarity with internet basics and a passion for digital innovations will enhance your learning experience. Starting with fundamental blockchain concepts, the course progressively explores the complexities of the blockchain field, including the TON ecosystem, ensuring comprehensive and accessible material for every student.

Как проходит обучение

This course is organized into five main modules, each featuring a series of concise, engaging videos that make complex ideas simple to grasp. After each lesson, participants receive additional reading materials to further explore the topic, along with a quiz to consolidate their learning. Immediate quiz feedback helps students track their progress. Each module concludes with a comprehensive quiz on that section, allowing learners to assess their understanding and readiness to advance.

Module 4, in particular, focuses on practical skills, featuring numerous screencast videos that demonstrate how to effectively use TON tools. This module aims to equip participants with the skills necessary for confident navigation within the TON ecosystem.

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