Technical maintenance of aircraft and aircraft engines

In this course you will learn about civil aviation in the Russian economy, the role of an engineer of aircraft technical maintenance, and training facilities and benefits at Samara University

6 weeks/4hours a week
Certificate Stepik

About this course

After completing the course, students will know:

  1. he state of the civil aviation of the Russian Federation, and its tasks;
  2. majors popular in the Russian civil aviation;
  3. the role of maintenance engineers to ensure the flights of aircraft;
  4. types and features of maintenance and repair of aircraft;
  5. benefits of training at Samara University;
  6. possible scope of activities of Samara University graduate with a major in "Technical maintenance of aircraft and aircraft engines

Who is this course for

High-school students, to-be students, first year students of the major in «Technical maintenance aircraft and aircraft maintenance»

High-school mathematics and physics

Meet the Instructors

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Самарский университет
Самарский национальный исследовательский университет имени академика С.П. Королева

Course content

Aviation Engineering Service
Brief description of the aircraft and helicopter structures
Types of aircraft maintenance services
Interesting facts about training students
Job prospects for our University graduates


Samara University

Student reviews

Good course, I learned a lot about the Russian aviation and Id like to implement some methodologies in my country
Dear Sir, thank you very much for this course, and in the field of aircraft maintenance for advanced technology as your university has, is very important. as recommendation, i would like to tell you to train students in Aeronautical Engineering and Airforce Military Engineering. i am also a student in Master of Science in INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING at Moi University in Kenya.
Some activities of this courses doesn't have aswer. It's impossible someone finish the course with 100% of those. Please, review this problem and try to fix it. Althoug, the course it's so good, with so much knowledge. Congratulations!

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