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AtomicKotlin book text available online.

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Atomic Kotlin is a book that explains Kotlin to both novices and experienced programmers. You don’t need any prior Java experience to understand this book, which distinguishes it from many of the resources about Kotlin that are currently available.

The eBook is available on two platforms: Stepik and Leanpub. Unfortunately, purchases made on one platform cannot be transferred to the other, so be sure to decide which format works better for you. But don’t worry – both sites have extensive free samples to try out. The Stepik version is online, and you can modify and run the book’s examples without leaving the page. The Leanpub version provides various offline formats: pdf, ePub, mobi.

The print book is available through the normal channels.

We have also prepared a Kotlin course that provides hands-on practice to accompany the book. This course includes a set of small exercises with automatic checking and sample solutions. You can install and open the course right inside IntelliJ IDEA. The course is free and can be used together with either the eBook or the printed book. You can read more about how to install the course here:

Check for more information about the book.

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