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Please follow the rules if you want to participate in the Stepik Contest:

You are asked to create specifically formatted educational content (both theory and practical assignments), that will be suitable to study for 30-60 minutes in the adaptive learning setting.

Theory lessons can include any kind of educational content (e.g. text, video, slides). 

Each practical lesson should have only 1-3 assignments. (if there are more than 1 assignments they should have the same level of difficulty).

To link all your lessons together and into global knowledge graph, you should specify for each lesson: 1. required topics (tags). Topics that should be covered before the learner will be able to proceed to this lesson. 2. topics to learn. Your main chosen topic, and also you can specify additional topics if this lesson teaches other useful stuff.

Please create lessons that are not directly connected. We will recommend your lessons to learners separately, therefore each lesson should represent or test a single complete concept.

All public content on Stepik have the default open license (Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0), including all courses created by you for this competition. Everybody will be able to share and adapt your content freely but with attribution.

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