How do I start investing in cryptocurrencies?

First, we get into the basics: where cryptocurrencies came from, what they are, and why blockchain is needed. Then we get into practice. We start with how to buy cryptocurrency and use a wallet, and finish with how to make passive income from cryptocurrency.
Beginner Level

What you will learn

  • To understand the key difference between a decentralized financial system and the established financial system of the world.
  • To know what cryptocurrency is and how it works.
  • To use cryptocurrency wallets and know their differences.
  • To buy and sell cryptocurrencies and make transfers.
  • To make passive income from cryptocurrencies.
  • To use loans secured by cryptocurrency.

About this course

The aim of the course: to teach anyone who wants to use cryptocurrencies and make a passive income, even in the initial stages.

In the course you can find out:

  1. What is cryptocurrency?
  2. How does cryptocurrency work?
  3. What is blockchain?
  4. Market outlook and demand?
  5. How to get cryptocurrency?
  6. How to buy and sell Crypto-currency?
  7. How to make different cryptocurrency transactions?
  8. How to get passive income from cryptocurrencies?

The peculiarity of the course is that we explain complex terms and processes in simple words, we don't load your head with unnecessary technical information, and we adapt the trainee to the platform right away.

First you learn the theory and then you get straight into practice, so there's definitely no opportunity to put it off 😎.

We joke a lot and help to relax 🧠 during training.

We also have a pet, would you look at that 👇

Whom this course is for

The course is designed for people who have never experienced cryptocurrencies, but would very much like to start investing and earning passive income in the near future.

Initial requirements

All you need to get started is a computer and the internet 🙃

Meet the Instructors

How you will learn

You learn the theory first and then go straight into practice - there's definitely no opportunity for postponement. All materials consist of text and infographics.

Course content


What you will get

  • Understanding how cryptocurrencies work, their necessity and demand.
  • You will learn how to use a cryptocurrency wallet, purchase cryptocurrency and start earning passive income.
  • After completing the course, you'll be able to grow in the cryptocurrency industry and use new income tools at ease.
  • This course is an ideal starting point for investing in cryptocurrencies.
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