Ace Your Next Coding Interview by Learning Algorithms

Ace Your Next Coding Interview by Learning Algorithms through Programming and Puzzle Solving
8 hours per week
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About this course

The goal of this interactive textbook is to teach algorithms and prepare you for your next coding interview.


  • Practice writing efficient and reliable code by implementing many algorithmic challenges in a programming language of your choice. To help you conquer these challenges, we provide a series of hints, a detailed solution, and a Python code for each problem so that you can compare it with your implementation to see if you followed the best programming practices.
  • Practice solving algorithmic problems you will likely encounter at your next coding interview by following a series of carefully selected hints. These hints often mimic the hints many applicants get during the interviews when they have limited time to solve a problem. 
  • Re-invent the key algorithmic ideas by solving our interactive puzzles that you can solve on your smartphone. Each such puzzle illustrates an algorithmic idea that we want you to re-invent using seemingly simple yet non-trivial problems.

Please check our website to learn more about various features of this book and our "active teaching" approach. 

Whom this course is for

Everybody interested in programming and IT.

Initial requirements

Basic knowledge of mathematics (proofs, induction) and at least one programming language (input/output, functions, recursion).

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