JetBrains MPS coderules

This course teaches you how to define type-system for your languages in MPS using coderules.
4 hours

About this course

This is an official JetBrains MPS course, which represents an introduction into the topic of MPS coderules - the new way to define the type-system for custom languages in MPS. The course introduces the principles of coderules, explains the underlying mechanisms, demonstrates the capabilities and the syntax of the languages and leads you through a series of hands-on exercises.

After completing the course you will be able to define coderules for non-trivial DSLs. You will also have received useful directions to more advanced coderules topics.

Whom this course is for

JetBrains MPS language designers.

Initial requirements

Knowledge of JetBrains MPS at the extent of the MPS advanced course and an enthusiasm to learn new things.

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