Epic Guide to Stepik

This is a collection on lessons, describing what is Stepik and how to use it in teaching.

О курсе

This course is about Stepik.

Stepik is a cloud-based platform designed to create and distribute interactive educational content, enhanced by various types of automatically graded assignments with a real-time feedback. The platform is suitable for any kind of e-learning activity, from private on-campus classes to MOOCs (massive open online courses). 

Stepik pillars:

Open access – Education should be open and widely accessible. That's why encourage educators to create and distribute the content under Creative Commons licenses

Interactive tasks – Various types of automatically graded assignments with real-time feedback are available to content creators at Stepik, as well as scalable plugin system to easily add new types of assignments, if needed.

Personalization – Learning objects are very subjective by their nature. Therefore, Stepik is built on fuzzy dependencies to provide personalized recommendations – based on user’s learning goals.

User-generated content – Stepik is designed as a community of experts and educators who are willing to contribute their knowledge and experience by creating and distributing lessons and courses.

Learning graph – Stepik is focused on structured learning objects. Depending on a learning context, the same fact may be explained differently to each student based on their prior knowledge, learning goals and language.

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